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Odin's Armory is a room in which Eir sits, the provider of the Odin Set. After completing Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, you can talk to Valkyrie to have her warp you to the armory. There are cases where she wouldn't warp you. In this case, try killing a monster or getting your character killed then try again. If she still doesn't warp you, then use @request (Reporting Guidelines) and ask for a GM to check your Storyline.

When Valkyrie warps you to the Armory, there will be a server-wide announcement saying:

Valkyrie: 'Player' has entered the Odin's Armory.

Odin's Set equipment are set-bound, meaning that they will only work if you're wearing all parts. If one part is missing or if you're wearing a non-Odin item (example: costumed path headgear), the Odin effects will not work.
Odin's Armory
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