We want everyone to have access to the god-items in game... literally god-items...

Thus, we have worked on a system that'll reward players who are active in game, especially at the automated events.

Therefore, you will be rewarded with "event points" should you win in any automated events, may it be one round, or two, or the whole thing.

Once a certain quantum is reached, Odin's Eyes will be upon you and you will receive a random rare item. So event away!


You can check your progress at the Event Genie in Moonhaven (@jump 236 189).

Automated Events

These automated events will be accounted for:

  • RFYL
  • Dice
  • Disguise
  • Poring Catcher
  • Jumper
  • Find the Mushroom, King Poring Invasion
  • Cursed Monsters (Black Moon)
  • Ordinal Scale
  • Cluckers
  • GM-Hosted Events (in the future)
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