Odin's Favour is used to buy Odin's Grace from Path Keepers.

Q) From where?

From Terry (@jump 216 230)

Q) How? He doesn't talk to me.

You have to do the first and second pinnacles first.

Q) What are those?

Pinnacle Name How to Get Stats
First Pinnacle

(Required in Chapter 2)

Get this one first!

Odin's Blessing Path Points

The One Path: 100k

Hero: 7k

Guardian: 70k

Collector: 8k

Divergent: 20m

+50 to all stats

(+75 if Supremacy)

Second Pinnacle Odin's Grace 1470 Evolutions +20 to all stats

(+30 if Superiority)

Q) If I get both, what's next?

Then Terry will talk to you, and you can buy a favour for 10 Mercies each.

Q) How to get mercies?

From your path keeper

Q) How much to they cost?

  • Costs 1/5 of a pinnacle
    • Example: The One Path pinnacle is at 100,000 points. 1/5*100,000 = 20,000 points (for each mercy)
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