An Old Card Album Old Card Album (AKA 'OCA') is a consumable item that gives one random non-MvP card.

Source Drop Rate Location
Elder 100.0% @warp tha_t06
Wanderer 100.0% @warp gl_cas02

Dark Priest Card

Contrary to popular belief, you can no longer obtain a Dark Priest Card Card from OCA. Gravity has removed the card from the OCA list.

Although you can find it in ExperienceRO's database, there is no way to obtain it. Even RMS removed it from their OCA List.

Notable OCA Cards

Card Description
Ancient Worm Card Receive 10% more Experience Points from Demon monsters.

Receive 20% more damage from Demon monster.

Aqua Elemental Card Decreases damage from Water Property by 20%.

Increases damage dealing to Water Property by 5%.

Draco Card Decreases damage from Earth Property by 20%.

Increases damage dealing to Earth Property by 5%.

Mutant Dragonoid Card Adds a 5% chance of using Fire Ball [Lv:3]
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