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One-Handed Swords is an NPC in the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells one-handed swords.

Sword Description Attack Element Price
Blade A one-handed sword with a thick, flat blade. 53 10,000 z
Katana A straight bladed sword that the Japanese samurai depended on during battle. 60 10,000 z
Tsurugi One of the most powerful one-handed swords, the Tsurugi was favored by the Japanese samurai. 130 100,000 z
Orcish Sword
Orcish Sword Crafted by Orcish smiths and used by Orc Warriors, this one-handed sword is symbolic to the Orc tribe.
  • Indesctructible
90 50,000 z
Nagan A one-handed sword topped with several extra edges for making wounds deeper and more unsightly.
  • Enabled: Double Attack [Lv:5]
  • Increases damage against Demi-Humans by 5%
120 100,000 z
Ice Falchion
Ice Falchion A one-handed, formal dress sword imbued with the Water element.
  • Enables: Cold Bolt [Lv:3]
  • Adds a chance to auto cast Cold Bolt [Lv:3] when dealing physical attacks.
  • Adds 5% chance to Frozen target and 1% chance to Frozen its wielder when dealing physical attacks.
100 Water 50,000 z
Fire Brand
Fire Brand A one-handed, formal dress sword imbued with the Fire element.
  • Enables: Fire Bolt [Lv:3]
  • Adds a chance to auto cast Fire Bolt [Lv:3] when dealing physical attacks
100 Fire 50,000 z
Mysteltainn A sword inspired by the legendary twig said to have killed Baldur, god of light.
  • DEX +3
  • Adds a low chance to auto cast Stone Curse [Lv:3] on target when attacking
170 Shadow (Dark) 200,000 z
Tirfing A one-handed sword said to bring a horrific fate to whoever wields it.
  • Drains 35 HP from its owner every 10 seconds.
200 Shadow (Dark) 200,000 z
Holy Avenger
Holy Avenger A sword that symbolizes the Lord's holy retribution. 125 Holy 450,000 z
Flamberge A beautiful, wavy bladed dagger that inflicts especially excruciating pain. 150 50,000 z
Excalibur The one-handed sword of Arthurian legend that supposedly chooses its owner to wield its holy powers.
  • INT +10
  • LUK +10
150 Holy 150,000 z
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