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Note: In ExperienceRO, all weapons and equipment have 4 slots (even if they don't show the slots), except for shields which have 2 slots.

Pet Specialist is an NPC on the left side of the mall in Moonhaven. He specializes in all things pet-related, namely taming items, foods, and accessories. More information about the pets can be found in the Pet System page.

ExperienceRO has a customized Pet Specialist NPC that sells taming items, food (only in 100-pieces bulk), and accessories in Mithril Coins and Platinum Coins. All taming items are priced at 10 MC. All foods come in 100 pieces (Example: 100xApple Juice is for 100 MC, pricing each piece at 1 MC). The prices for pet accessories increase as they are listed in descending order on the Pet Specialist.

Some items are purposefully not included in the Pet Specialist to give players some challenge, such as certain taming items. In cases of unavailability of taming items, players can use a Professor's Abracadabra skill [Lv:6].

If you find that you cannot feed your pet certain items or if some foods are not available, try feeding your pet with Pet Food instead. Many higher level pets' foods have been replaced with Pet Food for ease of access.

Taming Items

Each purchase of a taming item costs 10 Mithril Coins

Item Pet
Unripe Apple
Unripe Apple Poring
Rotten Fish
Rotten Fish Chonchon
Dew Laden Moss
Dew Laden Moss Spore
Fatty Chubby Earthworm
Fat Chubby Earthworm Peco Peco
Orc Trophy
Orc Trophy Orc Warrior
No Recipient
No Recipient Munak
Armlet of Obedience
Armlet of Obedience Isis
Bitter Herb
Bitter Herb Poporing
Monster Juice
Monster Juice Hunter Fly
Rusty Iron
Rusty Iron Steel Chonchon
Earthworm the Dude
Earthworm the Dude Picky
Singing Flower
Singing Flower Rocker
Sweet Potato
Baked Yam (Sweet Potato) Smokie
Tropical Banana
Tropical Banana Yoyo
Rainbow Carrot
Rainbow Carrot Lunatic
Deadly Noxious Herb
Deadly Noxious Herb Poison Spore
Book of the Devil
Book of the Devil Baphomet Jr.
Well-Dried Bone
Well-Dried Bone Baby Desert Wolf
Contract in Shadow
Contract in Shadow Deviruchi
Old Broom
Old Broom Dokebi
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Drops
Shining Stone
Shining Stone Green Petite
Sweet Milk
Sweet Milk Savage Babe
Silver Knife of Chastity
Silver Knife of Chastity Sohee
Her Heart
Her Heart Bongun
Forbidden Red Candle
Forbidden Red Candle Zealotus
Sweet Candy Cane
Sweet Candy Cane Santa Goblin (Dead Branch summon)
Soft Apron
Soft Apron Alice


Each purchase of pet food comes in a bundle of 100 pieces, and costs 100 Mithril Coins (1 MC per piece).

Food Pet
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Poring
Pet Food
Pet Food Chon Chon

Baby Desert Wolf




Orc Warrior

Green Petite


Savage Babe



Poison Spore




Green Herb
Green Herb Poporing

Rice Cake

Red Gemstone
Red Gemstone Hunter Fly
Iron Ore
Iron Ore Steel Chonchon
Red Herb
Red Herb Peco Peco


Banana Juice
Banana Juice Yoyo
Carrot Juice
Carrot Juice Lunatic
Honey Baphomet Jr.
Shoot Deviruchi
Yellow Herb
Yellow Herb Drops
Immortal Heart
Immortal Heart Zealotus
Scell Santa Goblin (Dead Branch summon)
White Potion
White Potion Alice
Unripe Apple
Green Apple Goblin
Whole Barbecue
Whole Barbecue Deleter
Meat Veg Skewer
Meat Veg Skewer Diabolic
Poison Bottle
Spirit Liquor Wanderer
Bok Choy
Bok Choy Spring Rabbit


Prices of accessories are in Platinum Coins. The prices increase as they go down in the list.

Accessory  Price Pet 
Skull Helm
Skull Helm 3 PC Baphomet Jr.
Monster Oxygen Mask
Monster Oxygen Mask 4 PC Chonchon
Monster Oxygen Mask
Monster Oxygen Mask 4 PC Steel Chonchon
Monster Oxygen Mask
Monster Oxygen Mask 4 PC Hunter Fly
Transparent Head Protector
Transparent Head Protector 5 PC Baby Desert Wolf
Pacifier 6 PC Deviruchi
Wig 7 PC Dokebi
Queen's Hair Ornament
Queen's Hair Ornament 8 PC Isis
Silk Ribbon
Silk Ribbon 9 PC Lunatic
Punisher 10 PC Munak
Wild Flower
Wild Flower 11 PC Orc Warrior
Battered Pot
Battered Pot 12 PC Peco Peco
Stellar Hairpin
Stellar Hairpin 13 PC Green Petite
Tiny Egg Shell
Tiny Egg Shell 14 PC Picky
Poring Pet Backpack

(Poring Pet Backpack)

15 PC Poring
Poring Pet Backpack

(Poring Pet Backpack)

15 PC Drops
Poring Pet Backpack

(Poring Pet Backpack)

15 PC Poporing
Rocker Glasses
Rocker Glasses 16 PC Rocker
Green Lace
Green Lace 17 PC Savage Babe
Golden Bell
Golden Bell 18 PC Sohee
Bark Shorts
Bark Shorts 19 PC Spore
Bark Shorts
Bark Shorts 19 PC Poison Spore
Monkey Circlet
Monkey Circlet 20 PC Yoyo
Red Scarf
Red Scarf 21 PC Smokie
Grave Keeper's Sword
Grave Keeper's Sword 22 PC Bongun
Gold Earring
Gold Earring

(Golden Earing)

24 PC Mao Guai (Civil Servant)
Green Jewel Bag
Green Jewel Bag

(Green Lucky Bag)

25 PC Leaf Cat
Fashion Glasses
Fashionable Glasses

(Fashion Glasses)

26 PC Loli Ruri
Star Hairband
Star Hairband

(Stardust Hairband)

27 PC Marionette
Tassel for Durumagi
Tassel for Durumagi

(Wine on Sleeve)

28 PC Shinobi
Pet Soul Ring
Pet Soul Ring

(Spirit Chain)

29 PC Whisper
Beautiful Badges
Beautiful Badges

(Nice Badge)

30 PC Goblin Leader
Jade Trinket
Jade Trinket 31 PC Evil Nymph
Summer Fan
Summer Fan 32 PC Miyabi Doll
Ring of Death
Ring of Death

(Death Coil)

33 PC Dullahan
Queen's Coronet
Queen's Coronet 34 PC Medusa
Afro Hair
Afro Hair

(Afro Wig)

35 PC Stone Shooter
Masked Ball
Masked Ball

(Ball Mask)

36 PC Incubus

(Windup Spring)

37 PC Golem
Horn of Hell
Horn of Hell

(Hell Horn)

38 PC Nightmare Terror
Masked Ball
Black Butterfly Mask 39 PC Succubus
Horn Barrier
Horn Barrier 40 PC Imp
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