The Pet System (AKA: Cute Pet System) is a system which allows players to tame monsters to become pets. They give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are several types of pets with varying levels of difficulty to obtain and to keep fed.[1]

Pets can be tamed by either taming items or using a Professor's Abracadabra skill [Lv:6].

In ExperienceRO, the success rate for taming all monsters is at 10.00%. This includes classic and customized monsters.

Raising Your Pet

Once you've obtained a monster egg, you must now purchase a Pet Incubator in order to hatch it. After hatching, you must continually feed the pet with its corresponding Food in order to keep it from running away. Each pet has different hunger tolerances so not every pet will require the same feeding time (i.e. one pet needs to be fed every 5 minutes while another has to be fed every 9 minutes, etc.)[2]

Feeding a pet not only keeps it from running away, but also levels up its intimacy level. There are 5 intimacy levels:

  1. Awkward
  2. Shy
  3. Neutral
  4. Cordial
  5. Loyal

Each pet starts out Neutral upon hatching and its bonus becomes activated upon reaching Loyal intimacy. To retain a pet's intimacy without feeding it, you can return it to its egg and hatch it again with another Pet Incubator.

  • Hunger rate for every pet is different.
  • Each feeding will increase pet's hunger level by 20.
  • Each feeding will decrease pet's intimacy by 100 when overfed.
  • A pet’s intimacy decreases by 20 points when its owner dies.
  • If a pet is starving, its intimacy decreases by 20 every 20 seconds. The exception is the Little Poring, the intimacy of which decreases by 1 every 20 seconds instead.
  • Intimacy doesn't decrease when a pet is returned to its egg.


To tame a monster, it must be already set as tamable by the server. Then, you can use taming items to click on the target. Afterwards, a slot machine will appear on screen and will show success or failure. Whether or not it's a success, the taming item will be consumed either way.

Another way of taming a monster without taming items is through a Professor's Abracadabra skill [Lv:6], although the rate of the taming spell to appear is modified to 10.00%, just like its success rate. The taming spell best shows up when the skill is at Level 6.

Most of the monsters listed in iRO Wiki's Cute Pet System page are tameable in ExperienceRO. However, some cannot be tamed as they are renewal monsters, which include:

  • Little Poring / EggNovice Poring Egg
  • Scatleton / Portable cage for Scatleton
  • Tikbalang Egg

Custom Pets

ExperienceRO'S Chapter MvPs and other customized monsters have been modified to be tameable in ExperienceRO. It's much more challenging to acquire these pets, but their bonuses when made Loyal are very rewarding.

To tame monsters without taming items, use a Professor's Abracadabra skill at [Lv:6].

Custom Pet Taming Item Food Loyalty Bonus
Nidhoggr's Revenge Gavriil's Ring Topaz - G3 Storm Gust +100% damage
Firefox Lost Soul Topaz - G3 Meteor Storm +100% damage
Valaris Andvari's Ring Ruby - G3 Sonic Blow +100% damage
Shell King Evolution Stone Platinum Coin 100 Box Auto-use of Strip Accessory [Lv:1] when attacking
Wandering Spirit N/A High Ether Esma +100% damage
King Poring N/A Garnet - G3 Sharp Shooting +100% damage
Sphinx N/A Hime +500% Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher effectiveness
Punching Bag N/A Opal - G3 +20 to all stats
The Boss N/A Diamond - G3 +20% ATK/MATK
Royal Guard N/A Ruby - G3 +500% Max HP

Pet Specialist

ExperienceRO has a customized Pet Specialist NPC that sells taming items, food (only in 100-pieces bulk), and accessories in Mithril Coins and Platinum Coins. All taming items are priced at 10 MC. All foods come in 100 pieces (Example: 100xApple Juice is for 100 MC, pricing each piece at 1 MC). The prices for pet accessories increase as they are listed in descending order on the Pet Specialist.

Some items are purposefully not included in the Pet Specialist to give players some challenge, such as certain taming items. In cases of unavailability of taming items, players can use a Professor's Abracadabra skill [Lv:6].

If you find that you cannot feed your pet certain items or if some foods are not available, try feeding your pet with Pet Food instead. Many higher level pets' foods have been replaced with Pet Food for ease of access.

Pet Taming Item Food Accessory
Baphomet Jr. Book of the Devil Honey Skull Helm (3 PC)
Chonchon Rotten Fish Pet Food Monster Oxygen Mask (4 PC)
Steel Chonchon Rusty Iron Iron Ore Monster Oxygen Mask (4 PC)
Hunter Fly Monster Juice Red Gemstone Monster Oxygen Mask (4 PC)
Baby Desert Wolf Well-Dried Bone Pet Food Transparent Head Protector (5 PC)
Deviruchi Contract in Shadow Shoot Pacifier (6 PC)
Dokebi Old Broom Pet Food Wig (7 PC)
Isis Armlet of Obedience Pet Food Queen's Hair Ornament (8 PC)
Lunatic Rainbow Carrot Carrot Juice Silk Ribbon (9 PC)
Munak No Recipient Pet Food Munak (10 PC)
Orc Warrior Orc Trophy Pet Food Wild Flower (11 PC)
Peco Peco Fat Chubby Earthworm Red Herb Battered Pot (12 PC)
Green Petite Shining Stone Pet Food Stellar Hairpin (13 PC)
Picky Earthworm the Dude Red Herb Tiny Egg Shell (14 PC)
Poring Unripe Apple Apple Juice Backpack (15 PC)
Drops Orange Juice Yellow Herb Backpack (15 PC)
Poporing Bitter Herb Green Herb Backpack (15 PC)
Rocker Singing Flower Pet Food Rocker Glasses (16 PC)
Savage Babe Sweet Milk Pet Food Green Lace (17 PC)
Sohee Silver Knife of Chastity Pet Food Golden Bell (18 PC)
Spore Dew Laden Moss Pet Food Bark Shorts (19 PC)
Poison Spore Deadly Noxious Herb Pet Food Bark Shorts (19 PC)
Yoyo Tropical Banana Banana Juice Monkey Circlet (20 PC)
Smokie Baked Yam Pet Food Red Scarf (21 PC)
Bongun Her Heart Pet Food Grave Keeper's Sword (22 PC)
Mao Guai (Civil Servant) Fan of Wind (N/A) Flavored Alcohol

(Prontera 218 211)

Gold Earring (24 PC)
Leaf Cat Very Soft Plant (N/A) Fish With Blue Back

(Prontera 218 211)

Green Jewel Bag (25 PC)
Loli Ruri Very Red Juice (N/A) Pumpkin Pie

(Prontera 218 211)

Fashionable Glasses (26 PC)
Marionette Delicious Shaved Ice (N/A) Small Snow Flower

(Prontera 218 211)

Star Hairband (27 PC)
Shinobi Kuloren (N/A) Grilled Rice Cake

(Prontera 218 211)

Tassel for Durumagi (28 PC)
Whisper Ghost Coffin (N/A) Damp Darkness

(Prontera 218 211)

Pet Soul Ring (29 PC)
Goblin Leader Staff of Leader (N/A) Big Cell

(Prontera 218 211)

Beautiful Badges (30 PC)
Evil Nymph Charming Lotus (N/A) Morning Dew (N/A) Jade Trinket (31 PC)
Miyabi Doll Girl's Doll (N/A) Well Ripened Berry (N/A) Summer Fan (32 PC)
Dullahan Luxury Whisky Bottle (N/A) Sunset On The Rock (N/A) Ring of Death (33 PC)
Medusa Splendid Mirror (N/A) Apple Pudding

(Prontera 218 211)

Queen's Coronet (34 PC)
Stone Shooter Oilpalm Coconut (N/A) Plant Neutrient

(Prontera 218 211)

Afro Hair (35 PC)
Incubus Girl's Naivety (N/A) Yellow Vital Flower

(Prontera 218 211)

Masked Ball (36 PC)
Golem Magical Lithography (N/A) Mystic Stone

(Prontera 218 211)

Spring (37 PC)
Nightmare Terror Hell Contract (N/A) Fresh Plant

(Prontera 218 211)

Horn of Hell (38 PC)
Succubus Boy's Pure Heart (Succubus Drop) Pet Food Black Butterfly Mask (39 PC)
Imp Ice Fireworks (Imp Drop) Pet Food Horn Barrier (40 PC)
Zealotus Forbidden Red Candle Immortal Heart
Santa Goblin (Dead Branch summon) Sweet Candy Cane Scell
Alice Soft Apron White Potion
Deleter (1385) Holy Marble (N/A) Whole Barbeque
Diabolic Red Burning Stone (N/A) Meat Veg Skewer
Wanderer Vagabond's Skull (N/A) Spirit Liquor
Spring Rabbit Bok Choy
Rice Cake

(Egg Name: Hard Rice Cake)

Chewy Rice Powder (N/A) Green Herb
Green Maiden Tantan Noodle

(Green Maiden Drop)


(Prontera 218 211)

New Year Doll



(Prontera 218 211)

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