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Pneuma creates a green cloud on a targeted location that blocks every form of Ranged physical damage, which includes projectiles from players. Every offensive skill with a range of 4 or more cells counts as being Ranged. This skill cannot be stacked.[1]

Affected skills


  • This skill cannot be cast on an instance of Magnetic Earth or Safety Wall. Likewise, Safety Wall cannot be cast on an instance of this skill.
  • Only damage is blocked by this skill. Other effects like Stun and knockback will still occur. It is therefore possible to use Arrow Repel to knock a player out of a Pneuma and into harm's way.


  • It will be difficult to cast this skill again on the same cell quickly, so it is easier to place 2 Pneumas side-by-side and shift when the time is up. The only delay is in the animation, therefore many Pneumas can be placed to protect many people at once. In a party, remember to place pneuma on oneself before doing so.
  • This skill can be used on monsters in PvM to prevent Archer and Gunslinger class characters from attacking the monsters.


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