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Push Palm Strike slams a single target with a palm strike that will push it 3 cells backwards 1 second later. Requires the user to be in Fury status.

Level Damage (ATK)
1 300%
2 400%
3 500%
4 600%
5 700%


  • Although damage can be prevented by Safety WallHiding, and other means, the knockback effect of this skill will still take place. Therefore, this skill can be used to knock an enemy out of Safety Wall and then use Asura Strike on it, but any skill used afterward must go off after the knockback takes place, or the target will still be protected by Safety Wall. Consequently, because the knockback is predictable, Safety Wall can also be casted on the targeted location before the knockback occurs, ensuring that player does not leave the protection of Safety Wall.
  • The direction of knockback is determined by the relative player position after the 1 second delay. If the user walks past the target after using this skill, the direction of knockback can be controlled by the user, thus making the effects less predictable and more difficult to counter (such as with a preemptive Safety Wall).


  • This skill has an animation delay of about 0.5 seconds, though it might be based on ASPD. In War of Emperium or at any opportunity where the knockback effect can be prevented (such as the enemy is against a wall), this means the skill can be used roughly every 0.8 seconds. Because of it and the delay for knockback is 1 second, this skill can be used twice before the knockback effect of the first attack trips, causing the enemy to be pushed back twice in succession.
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