DISCLAIMER: Always keep empty space in your inventory at all times, especially when you're about to receive an item, and make sure that you are not overweight. The ExperienceRO team will not be held responsible for losses to users' own actions. It is players' responsibility to read the Rules and Regulations and the Warnings.

The Pushcart skill enables players to rent a Pushcart from the Rental NPC (moonhaven 225 195). Pushcarts in ExperienceRO have a Weight Capacity of 80,000 and have 100 inventory slots.

The skill is available as Merchant and Super Novice, and any character using a True Ring of Stewardship.

In ExperienceRO, renting a Pushcart increases movement speed instead of decreasing it.

After renting a pushcart, it can be opened with Alt+W to show cart items:

Cart Items

Equipment, headgear, armor, suits, pet eggs, and other unstackable items behave just as they would in a regular inventory. The same applies to stackable items such as consumable boxes.

Change Cart

When the Change Cart skill is enabled, players can use it to change the sprite of their carts to any of the following (Depending on Base Level):

Cart List

Clicking on one of the cart images from the cart options will change the current cart into the selected cart.

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