A Raider is a farmer character that has the Collector - Raider charm. The charm is only for characters of the Collector Path. It gives a +10% chance of obtaining Platinum Coin 10 Box and a +10% chance of obtaining Bloody Branch 10 Box for every monster killed at the Forgotten Temple (Temple Spirit, Temple Seal, Wandering Spirit, and Sphinx).

Also, Temple completion records will increased by 1 (Each completion will count as 2 instead of one, meaning you can have access to Fortemple04 with just 15 completions instead of the regular 30).

You need a Fortress Coin to purchase this from the Collector Keeper. To get a Fortress Coin, you need to reach Chapter 5 and choose The Order alignment.

Chapter 5 checklist:

  1. Talk to the Chief in Vanadis.
  2. Talk to the General.
  3. Talk to Petra.
  4. Submit three Seal of Exorcism to Petra during one Black Moon session.
  5. Talk to the General and choose The Order alignment.
  6. Talk to your path mentor Lili and choose Fortress (Defend).
  7. Talk to the Collector Keeper and purchase the Collector - Raider charm from Force/Fortress.

Q) Is this charm available to other paths?

No, only Collectors can currently purchase this.

Q) Can I have more than one charm?

No, you are limited to one charm per character.

Q) Can I exchange my charm?

No, force/fortress charms cannot be changed once purchased.

Q) Can I transfer this to another character?

No, force/fortress charms are character bound.

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