Refine Solutions Solution are used to cut gems at Gem Cutter, who will only talk to you after you complete Petra's quest. The solutions can be farmed at the Forgotten Temple. They come in different qualities and rarities. The higher the quality, the higher the success rate of cutting gems, but the lower the drop rate of the solution.

Solution Rarity Quality Item ID Description
Low Essence Common 7 26301 Solution to which mana has been artificially added.
Essence Common 14 26302 Solution infused with mana by an eminent Muse.
Low Ether Uncommon 21 26303 Solution infused with mana by a Mage.
Ether Uncommon 28 26304 Solution infused with mana by a Mage and amplified with an eye of a moth.
High Ether Uncommon 35 26305 Solution infused with mana by a Mage and amplified with an eye of a moth and a lizard's tongue.
Elixir Rare 42 26306 Juice from a mysterious fruit that is said to restore one's youth.
Hime Rare 49 26307 Solution that can only be seen by pure virgins. Some tribes use it to determinate the presence of virginity.
Low Enthiric Mythic Rare 56 26308 Water containing strong mana. It is very clear, transparent and cool.
Enthiric Mythic Rare 63 26309 It is said that enthiric is cold enough to freeze your hand if you touch it.
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