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Refinement is the process of improving an equipment, whether it's a weapon or armor. In ExperienceRO, equipment are refined using refine deeds.

Refine Deed

A refine deed is an item that can refer to either an armor refine deed or a weapon refine deed, which can refine armors and weapons, respectively. Refine deeds can be used at the Refine Master at a 100% success rate. Refinement levels can be decreased at the De-refiner next to the Refine Master, consuming 1 Mithril Coin per equipment.

Armor refine deeds are available in +7, +8, +9, +10, and +20, while weapon refine deeds are available in +7,+8, +9, and +10 only.

Weapons cannot and should not be refined past +10.

Refine Masters

Where to Find

Hydro, who can be found in Eden Dungeon levels 2 and 3, can drop +7 Armor Refine Deed and +7 Weapon Refine Deed at a 30.00% drop rate each.

Refine NPCs

Refine Master

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