Sharp Shooting shoots a mighty, piercing arrow at a single target for ranged physical damage, which goes straight towards the target and affects more enemies in the way.[1]

Level Damage (ATK) SP Cost
1 150% 18
2 200% 21
3 250% 24
4 300% 27
5 350% 30


  • Monsters in the 13th cell along the line take reduced damage.
  • This skill has a 20% base chance of inflicting Critical Damage and is also increased by the user's Critical Hit Rate, which is reduced depending on the enemy's Critical Hit Shield.
  • Only cards and equipment that explicitly increase Crit rate in the Status Window will increase the Crit rate for this skill. Cards that implicitly increase Crit rate do not show in the Status Window, such as Drosera Cards and critical racial damage cards, therefore they will not work with this skill.


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