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Shell King is a customized large fish-type MvP who is spawned in Vanadis Dungeon [Lv:2].

He has a a regular time-spawned version in his dungeon, a summoned chapter version, and a cursed version.

Countering Shell King

To counter Shell King, you will need the Cloaking skill which is provided by an Assassin Cross Card

  • 100% Neutral resistance
  • 100% Wind resistance
  • 100% Water resistance
  • 100% Shadow resistance
  • 100 MDEF

MDEF Cards

Shadow Resistance:

  • Isis Card (+30%) [Garmet]
  • Permeter Card (+15%) [Headgear] / Undead

Water Resistance:

  • Marse Card (+30%) [Garment]
  • Aqua Elemental Card (+20%) [Shield]
  • Leaf Cat Card (+10%) [Headgear]

Wind Resistance:

  • Steel ChonChon Card (+10%) [Armor]
  • Dustiness Card (+30%) [Garment]
  • Giant Hornet Card (+10%) [Headgear]
  • Luciola Vespa Card (+20%) [Shield]

Neutral Cards

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