Shields is an NPC at the left side of Moonhaven's mall.

He sells shields.

Shield Description Defense Job(s) Price
Guard A square shield that is small, yet effective in combat. 3 Every Job 10,000z
Shield A well crafted shield which most kinds of attack can not penetrate. 6 Swordman



Mirror Shield
Mirror Shield A shield with a surface constructed of mirror that might reflect harmful magic.

MDEF + 5

4 Swordman



Star Gladiator

Holy Guard
Holy Guard A blessed guard with God's symbol engraved on it.

VIT + 2, MDEF + 2 Impossible to refine this item.

5 Crusader 85,000z
Stone Buckler
Stone Buckler A stone shield which Thor obtained by killing Hrungnir, king of giants.

It possesses the powers of giants which rival the might of the gods.

Receive 5% less damage from Large size monster.

[+ Odin's Blessing & Magni's Cap]

STR + 2, DEF + 5, MDEF + 5

[Swordman Class]

Additional DEF + 6

3 Every Job except Novice 30,000z
Angelic Guard
Angelic Guard Super Novice Guardian Angel's shield which contains holy power that can nullify evil.

Reduce 5% damage from Demon monster.

3 Novice (& Supernovice) 30,000z
Orleans's Server
Orleans's Server A shiny round shaped steel plate used for serving foods.

Reflect of all Magical Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it (Success Chance 5%).

MDEF + 2

[+ Orlean's Gloves]

Reduces casting time by 10%.

5 Every Rebirth Job except High Novice 50,000z
Thorny Buckler
Thorny Buckler A rough shield with dozens of spikes. It seems that an aggressor would rather get hurt.

MDEF + 2

[+ Bison Horn]

Attack Speed is increased by 10%, Reflect 5% of all Physical Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.

5 Every Rebirth Job except High Novice 50,000z
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