This article will show you how to set up a signature on the forums.

Signature images must have a URL. Ways to obtain a signature:

  • Find an image online.
  • Upload an image to a website, such as Imgur.
  • Make a signature through RMS's character simulator.

Creating a Signature

You can make an RO signature using RMS's character simulator.

001 Char Sim
  1. Go to
  2. Create your character.
  3. Adjust your settings as prefered on the Signature section.
  4. Click "Generate"
  5. Copy the link under your newly-generated image (without the [img] and [/img] parts)
001-2 Signature-1

Setting Up Your Profile

On the forums, click your username on the upper-right corner. Then click 'My Profile'


Click 'Edit Profile'


On the sidebar, click on 'Signature'. Then click on the Image icon.


Paste your link then click 'OK'


If your image is in a suitable format, it should appear in the media box. Click 'Save Changes'.


Try to post something to see if your signature works. Good luck!

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