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Last Updated: August 30th, 2018

Welcome to Silica's price guide. This page has lists of items and their market prices.

Currency Value in Platinum Coins
Mithril Coin Mithril Coin 1 PC = 8 MC
Event Token Event Token 1 ET = 4-5 PC
Donation Credit Donation Credit 1 DC = 700-1000 PC
King Token King Token 1 KT = 1k-1.6k PC
Gold Gold 10k gold = 600 PC
PvP Token PvP Token 1 PvP Token = 200-300 PC
WoE Token WoE Token 1 WoE Token = 500~700 PC
Bronze Duelist Coin 250-300 PPC
Silver Duelist Coin 3,000 PC
Gold Duelist Coin 30,000 PC

Use the @whosell command to check the prices in vending. Be careful because the prices can be higher than standard market prices.

Item Source Market Price Notes
Sage Rings Christine 2,000 PC +20 sage rings will be at much higher price.
Crown of a King Justin 3,500 pc +20 CoK will be at a higher price.
HE Bubble Gum 300 PC You can also make it in the guardian path keeper for 5k points and few PC.
Bloody Branch 10 BB = 3-4 PC
Enrage katars, swords, etc. Justin
  • Usually around 10,000 PC
  • Katar around 30,000 PC
You can buy/sell the ingredients or the equips directly
Regular MVP cards 10 PC
Gold 600 PC (per 10,0000 pieces)
30000 Gold Box WoE Chest

Event Box


3,000 pc
Pandora's Precious 1,000-1,500 PC Upon opening Pandora's box, there is a chance to get Pandora's precious.
+20 Armor Refine Deed Freebies

Shell King

King Poring


3,000-4,000 PC
Path Items Path Chest

Path Keepers

Odin Shower Event


Armor: 500 PC

Manteau: 300-400 PC

Shield: 300-400 PC

Shoes: 300-400 PC

Glory of Path: 4k-5k PC

Pride of Path=130,000 PC

Spirit of Path= 84,000 PC

Event Box Disguise Event


Event Genie

60 PC
Collector Materials MvP Monsters and Miniboss Fire Dragon Scale=4pc


Talon of Griffon=40 pc

Mother's Nightmare=40 pc

Young Twig=40 pc

3 headed dragons head=40 pc

Tiger Skin=4pc

Fang of Hatii=4pc

Heroic Emblem=4pc

Piece of Shield=4pc

Ba Gua=4pc



Will Of Red Darkness=4pc

Fragment of Rossata Stone=4pc

Pocket Watch=4pc

Skeletal Armor Piece=4pc

Legendary Necklace of Brokkr Side Quest in Vanadis Dungeon (C4) No refine: 4k PC

Refined +20: 10k PC

Charms Cursed MvP


50-80 DC Price differs on each element of charm
Bender Rings King Poring


No refine: 6-8k PC

Refine +20: 12k-14k PC

Prices may differ per element
Firefox Ring Lucky Me



Cursed Firefox

2,000-3,000 PC
Approvals Freebies

Event Box

15-30 PC
Glorious Weapon Weapon Chest 300-1,500 PC Depending on the weapon and seller
Baby 1st job Suit Christine

Tailor Rafael


1,000-2,000 PC
Baby 2nd job suit Christine

Tailor Rafael


2,000 PC
3rd Job suit Tailor Rafael


7,000-10,000 PC
Extended Suit Tailor Rafael Redeemer 6,000-7,000 PC
Odin Part Armory 2,500 PC per part
Baby 3rd Job Suit Lucky Me

King Trader

21k-24k PC
G5 Gemstones Redeemer


Gem Cutter

Lucky Me

1,000-2,500 PC
Evolution Stone Shell King/Cursed King 5,000 PC
Hard Skin Hardrock Mammoth 150-300 PC Used for quest in Justin
Path Boosters Freebies

Odin Shower Event

Vanadis Dungeon

20 PC The One = 125 points

Divergent = 25,000 points

Guardian = 88 points

Hero = 3 points

Collector = 10 points

Pinnacle Booster Lucky Me


Unknown Gives you instant pinnacle

The One = 100,000 pts

Hero = 7,000 pts

Guardian = 70,000 pts

Collector = 8,000 pts

Divergent = 20,000,000 pts

Ethereal Weapons Brokkr


90,000 PC
Mercy of Path Path Keepers 1,500 PC
Big Magic Defense Potion Guardian Keeper 400 PC
Rings of Stats Pandora 750-1,000 PC
1st Anniv and Jacque's Gratitude Pandora


7,000 PC (not tradable)
War Axe Backshield Justin 5,000 PC
Evolved Path Brokkr


60,000-80,000 PC
Legendary Illusionist's Ring King Solomon


20,000 PC
Legendary Elementalist's Ring King Solomon


20,000 PC
WoE Chest Freebie

WoE Reward

2,000 PC Price varies if woe chest is gold it will cost higher.
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