'Soul Destroyer (Alt Soul Breaker') looses a shockwave at a single target to inflict Ranged Hybrid damage. This skill ignores the accuracy check.[1]

Level Damage (ATK + MATK) Cast Delay SP Cost
Without EDP With EDP
1 400% 200% 1.2s 20
2 450% 225% 1.4s
3 500% 250% 1.6s
4 550% 275% 1.8s
5 600% 300% 2.0s
6 650% 325% 2.2s 30
7 700% 350% 2.4s
8 750% 375% 2.6s
9 800% 400% 2.8s
10 850% 425% 3.0s


  • If dual wielding, then the cards of both weapons factor in, but if using a weapon and a shield/nothing in the left hand, then only the right hand's cards increase damage.
  • Due to the nature of this skill not taking the ATK of the left hand weapon in the damage calculation, having a non carded/% card weapon on the left hand does absolutely nothing in increasing damage. However, since the left hand weapon upgrade still increases MATK (only MATK, ATK of left hand still doesnt matter), it can still increase damage. Weapons that increase MATK if worn in the left hand will increase the damage as well.
  • Status cards' effects do not carry over.
  • When using this skill, there is no penalty from not having Righthand Mastery or Lefthand Mastery skills when dual wielding.

Magic portion

  • Is Non-elemental. Meaning it is 100% unaffected by property of the target. This means that it will do 100% to Ghost property.
  • Because of the way it is coded, Raydric card does affect this portion.
  • It is affected by Soft Magic defense Thara Frog card and Horn Card.
  • Is not affected by Hard Magic defense, Maya card or Golden Thiefbug card.

Physical portion

  • Is is not affected by Hard defense but it is affected by Soft defense.
  • This skill already ignores defense. Defense piercing effects such as Combat Knife, Ice Pick (including the ATK bonus from target's DEF), Samurai Spector card do not work.
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