MvPs are free for all, so KS is allowed in ExperienceRO just as it is on most other servers.

DISCLAIMER: Always keep empty space in your inventory at all times, especially when you're about to receive an item, and make sure that you are not overweight. The ExperienceRO team will not be held responsible for any losses due to users' own actions. It is players' responsibility to read the Rules and Regulations and the Warnings.

Soul Taker is a formless ghost-type MVP that drops Lost Soul Lost Soul (which can also be won from Lucky Me on level 5) at a 10.00% drop rate. He is the culprit who stole Firefox's soul, and must be killed.

Location: You can find him in the first and second levels of Eclage Dungeon every 40-60 minutes. He is not a Chapter MVP, so he does not need to be summoned.

If a character hasn't submitted Lost Soul yet, the Soldier in Bastion will warp you to Eclage Dungeon [Lv:1]. After submitting Lost Soul, the character will be warped directly to Eclage Dungeon [Lv:2] instead.

Fighting Soul Taker

To counter Soul Taker, you will need 100 MDEF and 100% Neutral resistance. You will also need to use Full Chemical Protection (which you can get from Elite Glasses).

MDEF Cards

Neutral Cards