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Spears is an NPC at the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells one-handed spears.

Spear Description Class Attack Price
Spear A basic spear that allows slightly longer ranged melee attacks. One-Handed Spear 44 20,000 z
Pike A long spear that is generally issued to foot soldiers. One-Handed Spear 60 50,000 z
Brocca A spear that has been made to puncture any armor worn by enemies.
  • Pierces Defense of its target.
  • Increases physical damage inflicted on Neutral element monsters by 25%.
One-Handed Spear 85 100,000 z
Pole Axe
Pole Axe An axe head mounted on a long pole, this weapon was especially made to break through thick armored plates.
  • STR +1
  • INT +2
  • DEX +1
One-Handed Spear 160 75,000 z
Battle Hook
Battle Hook A spear that is tipped with a hook that can push and pull enemies.
  • Enables: Pierce [Lv:3]
  • Increase physical damage inflicted on Demi-Human monsters by 20%.
  • Adds 5% chance to inflict Stun status to target when dealing physical attacks.
One-Handed Spear 140 75,000 z
Hunting Spear
Hunting Spear A spear with a leaf shaped point that is designed for hunting, causing damage with its heavy weight instead of stabbing.
  • Ignores Defense of Brute monsters.
  • Adds a chance that defeated Brute monsters will drop Meat.
  • Add a chance to auto cast Joint Beat [Lv:3] on target when dealing physical attacks.
One-Handed Spear 180 25,000 z
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