TaeKwon Master


Job/class Basics

  • Melee
  • Best gold farmer
  • Relies on splash damage (Choose the Collector Path and use the Collector wings—Ask Helpers or other players)
  • Can't kill custom MVPs because they use reflect and melee classes die from reflect

How to Become a Star Gladiator

  1. Level your Novice to job level 10 (Suggestion: @warp prt_maze03)
  2. Go to the Job Master and choose 'Taekwon'
  3. Level to job level 50 (Suggestion: @warp prt_maze03 or Playground Kid [@jump 258 183])
  4. Go back to the Job Master and choose 'Star Gladiator'
  5. Level to 800/250 (Suggestion: Playground Kid [@jump 258 183])
  6. Start your adventure! (@jump 185 210)

Recommended Path


  • Max STR
  • Rest to LUK
  • No need anything else


  • The jumpy ones are good but maybe you can't use them all in some maps

Where to Farm

What to Kill

Anything except MVPs because SGs die from reflect

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