Sunken City (Vanadis Dungeon) is a two-level dungeon that can be accessed after unlocking Chapter 3.

Access is given by the Chief (@jump 135 75) in Vanadis after forming a party of 7 online players (including @afk).

You can also enter it by talking to the Soldier behind the hut.


Level 1 (van_dun01)

Clam Soldier

Clam Recruit

Level 2 (van_dun02)

Clam Soldier

Clam Recruit

Shell King


Level 1

To survive the Clam Soldiers and the Clam Recruits, you will need 100% Water and Fire resistances along with 100 MDEF.

Level 2

To counter Shell King, you need 100% Neutral and Fire resistances and 100 MDEF. Use cloaking then attack. Cloak right after attacking, and keep repeating the procedure.

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