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Temple Seal is a formless crystal-shaped monster in the Forgotten Temple [Lv:1, 2, 3, 4].

Killing Temple Seals gives a random chance of obtaining Seal of Excavation (special drop not affected by Bubble Gum).

It is similar to plant-type monsters in the sense that all damage inflicted on it will be '1'.

To kill it faster, it is recommended to use either a Professor or a Sniper, and attack it physically using autocast cards:

Autocast Cards

Skill Card Equipment Chance Note(s)
Meteor Storm [Lv:1] Bloody Knight Card Weapon 2%
Bash [Lv:1] Bongun Card Accessory 2%
Cold Bolt [Lv:2] Gazeti Card Accessory 10%
Frost Driver [Lv:3] Hatii Babe Card Weapon 30%
Spell Breaker [Lv:1] Hydrolancer Card Accessory 10%
Sonic Blow [Lv:1] Injustice Card Weapon 5%
Fire Ball [Lv:5] Kasa Card Garment 2%
Fire Bolt [Lv:5] Kasa Card Garment 2%
Decrease Agility [Lv:3] Metaling Card Weapon 5%
Fire Ball [Lv:3] Mutant Dragonoid Card Weapon 5% If learnt, the highest level is used.
Lex Aeterna [Lv:1] Owl Baron Card Accessory 3%
Lightning Bolt [Lv:5] Combo:

Owl Baron Card

Owl Duke Card

Accessories 2%
Envenom [Lv:1] Poisonous Toad Card Accessory 2%
Storm Gust [Lv:2] Stormy Knight Card Weapon 2%
Magnum Break [Lv:10] Turtle General Card Weapon 2%
Jupitel Thunder [Lv:3] Wind Ghost Card Accessory 2% Uses [Lv:10] is mastered.