Temple Spirit is a customized monster that is found in all levels of the Forgotten Temple.

When many of them are grouped together, they can all go against you and strip your equipment.

To counter them, you will need 100 MDEF, and 100% Neutral and Fire resistances.

You can try to refine your equipment to get your DEF as close to 99 as you can.

If you're a physical class, you can use Autocast Cards that will automatically cast skills when you use physical attacks. These cards can also work on Temple Seal:

Autocast Cards

The following table is taken from iRO Wiki.[1]

Skill Card Equipment Chance Note(s)
Meteor Storm [Lv:1] Bloody Knight Card Weapon 2%
Bash [Lv:1] Bongun Card Accessory 2%
Cold Bolt [Lv:2] Gazeti Card Accessory 10%
Frost Driver [Lv:3] Hatii Babe Card Weapon 30%
Spell Breaker [Lv:1] Hydrolancer Card Accessory 10%
Sonic Blow [Lv:1] Injustice Card Weapon 5%
Fire Ball [Lv:5] Kasa Card Garment 2%
Fire Bolt [Lv:5] Kasa Card Garment 2%
Decrease Agility [Lv:3] Metaling Card Weapon 5%
Fire Ball [Lv:3] Mutant Dragonoid Card Weapon 5% If learnt, the highest level is used.
Lex Aeterna [Lv:1] Owl Baron Card Accessory 3%
Lightning Bolt [Lv:5] Combo:

Owl Baron Card

Owl Duke Card

Accessories 2%
Envenom [Lv:1] Poisonous Toad Card Accessory 2%
Storm Gust [Lv:2] Stormy Knight Card Weapon 2%
Magnum Break [Lv:10] Turtle General Card Weapon 2%
Jupitel Thunder [Lv:3] Wind Ghost Card Accessory 2% Uses [Lv:10] if mastered.
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