The picture above is the mall, with the vending area being the focus.

The Mall is on the left side of Moonhaven (@go 0). The mall contains NPCs, the Refine Master, and the Vending area.

The right side of the mall has the Alchemist Dealer, Street Dealer, Ammunition, and many weapon NPCs.

The left side has a Pet Specialist, many headgear NPCs, and other equipment NPCs.

In the middle is the vending area where merchant players sell items in custom currencies. Zeny is not used here.

On the upper-left side is the Refine Master and the De-refiner.


Q) Why can't I buy from vendors? I have enough zeny.

We use custom currencies instead of zeny. You can see the currency that a stall uses on the left side of the store title.

  • PC: Platinum Coin
  • ET: Event Token
  • MC: Mithril Coin
  • DC: Donation Credit

Q) What do the zeny colors mean on vendor shops?

In zeny-based currencies, different colors indicate different price levels. However, we use multiple custom currencies, so the colors don't really matter.

Right-side NPCs

Alchemist Dealer, Street Dealer, Ammunition, and weapon NPCs.

NPC Name Location
Alchemist Dealer
Alchemist Dealer @jump 173 178
Street Dealer
Street Dealer @jump 171 176
Ammunition @jump 169 174
Bows @jump 167 173
Knuckle @jump 167 170
Whips @jump 167 168
Instruments @jump 167 166
Books @jump 167 164
Guns @jump 167 162
Fuuma Shuriken @jump 167 160
One-Handed Swords
One-Handed Swords @jump 167 158
Two-Handed Swords
Two-Handed Swords @jump 167 156
Spears @jump 167 154
Dagger @jump 165 152
Axes @jump 163 150
Staffs Rods
Staffs / Rods @jump 161 148
Katars @jump 159 146
Mace @jump 157 144

Left-side NPCs

The left side of the mall has a Pet Specialist, Headgear shops (meant to be costumed), and other equipment stores.

Pet Specialist

The Pet Specialist sells taming items, food, and accessories for pets. Visit the Pet System page for information on tameable pets.

NPC Name Location
Pet Specialist
Pet Specialist @jump 148 173


There are many headgear shops that sell classic RO headgear (upper, middle, lower, and more). The headgears are meant to be turned into costumes at the Costume Maker as they do not suffice as reliable headgear in ExperienceRO (but at least they look cute!).

NPC Name Location
Headgear 01 @jump 148 178
Headgear 02 @jump 148 180
Headgear 03 @jump 148 182
Headgear 04 @jump 148 184
Headgear 05 @jump 148 186
Upper Headgear @jump 148 188
Middle Headgear @jump 148 190
Lower Headgear @jump 148 192


The follow stores sell classic RO equipment, but ExperienceRO's custom equipment are better. As for accessories, players can make custom rings (stat rings) at the Pandora NPC (right side of town).

NPC Name Location
Armor @jump 146 194
Shields @jump 146 196
Garments @jump 146 198
Footgear @jump 146 200
Accessories @jump 146 202
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