The Order is one of the two sides of the Alignment system in ExperienceRO, and it represents Good.

After choosing your alignment, you can choose a Devotion during WoE after reaching PvP [Lv:30], after which you can choose to devote yourself to either Odin the Allfather (magical) or Thor the Warrior (physical).

The Order has been introduced since late Chapter 5 and the benefit that one gets being in The Order would be the Path Specializations. If you didn't accept Valkyrie's offer back then to join The Order, then you'll be approached by the Wish Maiden, who'll offer you to join Hel's forces, The Chaos.

Joining this side will provide you with a charm that is given to you if you accept it from Valyrie after presenting 3 Seal of Exorcism to the General. Declining it will give you the oppotunity to join The Chaos instead.

Sign of The Order

  • +5% Holy Resist
  • +50% Max HP