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Note: In ExperienceRO, all weapons and equipment have 4 slots (even if they don't show the slots), except for shields which have 2 slots.

Two-Handed Swords is an NPC in the right side of the mall in Moonhaven. He sells two-handed swords.

Sword Description Attack Element Price
Bastard Sword.gif
Bastard Sword A straight bladed sword that can be brutally swung just like a baseball bat. 115 50,000 z
Two-Handed Sword.gif
Two-Handed Sword A straight bladed sword that can be brutally swung just like a baseball bat. 160 90,000 z
Claymore Large, double-edged broad sword that was used by the Scottish highlanders. 180 120,000 z
Muramasa An oriental sword named after a legendary Japanese swordsmith.
  • CRIT +30
  • ASPD +8%
  • Curses its owner by a low chance.
155 50,000 z
Masamune An oriental sword that is the masterpiece of an ancient Japanese smith.
  • STR -5
  • ASPD +2
  • Decreases all Defense applied on owner by half.
200 50,000 z
Dragon Slayer.gif
Dragon Slayer A giant sword, rumored to be made from a dragon's tooth, that can easily cut through dragon scales.
  • Pierces defense of Dragon monsters
  • Increases physical damage inflicted on Dragon monsters by 15%
150 500,000 z
Zweihander An enormous, Two-Handed Sword.
  • Indestructible
200 50,000 z
Executioner A gruesome sword used to behead criminals judged with the death penalty.
  • Pierces Defense of Demi-Human monsters.
  • Increases physical damage inflicted on Demi-Human monsters by 20%.
155 Shadow (Dark 500,000 z
Claymore A simple, two-handed sword adorned with a cross shaped hilt. 180 200,000 z
Atlas Weapon.gif
Atlas Weapon A massive sword wielded by Atroce that is much too large to be handled by ordinary warriors.
  • CRIT +10

[ Base STR 80 ]

  • Adds a chance to destroy enemy's armor when dealing physical attacks.
200 75,000 z