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Valaris is a monster that is found in Vanadis Lab [Lv:2]. He is a customized Demi-Human MvP.

Chapter Summon vs. Normal Spawn

Normal Chapter
Name: Valaris Name: [ Valaris ]

Has brackets

Large HP bar Normal HP bar
Spawns automatically with time Needs to be summoned by killing many monsters
Doesn't give quest completion Quest completed if you kill this one
Leaves a tomb after death Doesn't leave a tomb
No announcement after kill Leaves an announcement after kill
Doesn't spawn cursed version May spawn cursed version during Black Moon


The Chapter MvP is usually summoned after collecting around 1500 Mithril Coins in Vanadis Lab [Lv:1] by killing the Infected monsters.

This isn't to be taken as any kind of fee and players do not actually need any item(s) in order to summon Valaris besides the Laboratory Keycard that will allow access to Vanadis Lab 02.

The coin count is merely used as an indicator that implies that by the time that around 1500 Mithril Coins have been collected from the Infected monsters in Vanadis Lab [Lv:1], it means that an enough number of Infected monsters have been killed to summon the Chapter MvP.


Valaris was known as a hero who protected the lands, but alas, he gave up his life to save the lands in the Last Battle. There was a legendary creature, however, known to bring life to the dead. Once Jologz and his fellow scientists learned of the creature's magical ability, their response was to try to bring Valaris back to life.

They succeeded in bringing Valaris back to life, but unfortunately, the one that they brought back did not have a soul. Instead, it was dark and full of evil.

Countering Valaris

Without rings:

  • 100% Poison resistance
  • 100% Neutral resistance
  • 100% Ghost resistance
  • 100% Wind resistance
  • 100 MDEF

MDEF Cards

Neutral Resistance

Poison Resistance

  • Myst Card (+30%) [Garment]
  • Centipede Card (+20%) [Shield]

Wind Resistance

  • Steel ChonChon Card (+10%) [Armor]
  • Dustiness Card (+30%) [Garment]
  • Giant Hornet Card (+10%) [Headgear]
  • Luciola Vespa Card (+20%) [Shield]

Ghost Resistance

  • Marionette Card (+30%) [Garmet]