Vanadis Laboratory (AKA Van Lab) is a lab that can be accessed in Vanadis. The portal in behind Jologz (@jump 160 130).

Vanadis Lab has two levels: van_lab01 and van_lab02. In the first level is where Infected monsters reside. Killing a certain number of them will summon the chapter version of Valaris in van_lab02, though the time-spawned version of Valaris respawns in van_lab02 every 6 to 9 hours.

Level 1


Maya Purple Card Card to reveal the cloaking Infected Eremes.

You will need a Laboratory Keycard Class Authority (character bound and unstackable) in order to access Level 2. To find the keycard:

  1. Walk to the toppest part of the map. Go to the middle of it.
  2. Talk to the Hidden Door. It will give you a quest to find the keycard.
  3. Keep killing Infected Eremes until you get it.
  4. Even if you get the keycard, you still need many kills before Valaris gets spawned. It will probably be spawned by the time you'll have killed enough Infected monsters to earn 1500 Mithril Coins Mithril Coin from them.


Be careful not to run in the hallways. Some monsters can one-hit you if they find you doing this. Infected Cecil and Infected Eremes are particularly very strong, so they can damage you badly, even with the right resistances.

Level 2

This is where you can find Valaris. If you find his tomb, beware that clicking on it may make your character stuck/immobile. If this happens, use @request, and a GM will take care of it.

If Valaris is not there, then you'll need to go back and keep killing some more, or have some friends kill in Level 1 until you spot Valaris in Level 2.

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