Warm Wind endows the user's physical power with an elemental property based on the level of this skill. It also affect the property of Soul Linker's EstunEstin and Esma skills.

Level Property Status Icon SP Cost


I MWEarth
2 Wind
I MWWind
3 Water
I MWWater
4 Fire
I MWFire
5 Ghost
I MWGhost
6 Dark
I MWShadow
7 Holy
I MWHoly


As self-targeted skill, this is used instantly. In order to endow the user with different properties, it's recommended to hotkey the different levels of this skill.


  • Unlike Enchant Poison and the other endowment skills, this is applied on the entire physical power, Status Attack included.
  • This skill overrides the effect of Enchant Poison, but keeps its chance of poisoning with regular attacks. However, if Enchant Poison expires before this skill, both effects will wear off.
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