Water Ball inflicts Water property Magic Damage to a single target multiple times in rapid succession. Requires to be in shallow water.[1]

Level Damage(MATK) Hits Inflicted Required Area Cast Time SP Cost
1 130% 1 1x1 1s 15
2 160% 9 3x3 2s 20
3 190% 3s
4 220% 25 5x5 4s 25
5 250% 5s
6 280% 6s
7 310% 7s
8 340% 8s
9 370% 9s
10 400% 100 9x9 10s

Levels 6 and higher can only be bestowed from Naga, Drake or Ktullanux through Rogue's Intimidate skill. Wizards and Super Novices can only learn it up to Level 5 naturally.


  • This skill can be cast on Professor's Deluge and Ninja's Watery Evasion, but it will use the cells and they will be removed after casting.
  • The number of water balls that can be launched depends on the amount of water the caster is standing in. Using higher levels of this skill without enough water will not produce the maximum number of hits.
  • There is a notable delay between the completion of casting and when water balls inflict damage. This can be used to escape or cast a second skill.
  • Unlike the majority of magic skills, water balls inflict individual damage for each ball on each impact instead of a bundle of full damage on cast completion. This gives the opportunity for the opponent to change armors or cast skills.
  • Also unlike most skills, the delay of this skill does not correspond directly to the balls impacting the target. It is possible to cast another skill before all balls have finished impacting.
  • Some monsters have a more powerful variation of this skill, which draws water from a 9x9 area under the user and launches 100 water balls.
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