(Not to be confused with Star Dust Star Dust which is required as an ingredient in making Stat Rings)

Witched Starsand Witched Starsand is a an item that is used in Chapter 2 to unlock Firefox's Dungeon (ecl_tdun3).


The quest requires a collection of 1500 witched starsand.

This item is not restricted, so it can be dropped, shared, sold, put into guild storage, etc.


The item is best farmed from Punk and Demon Pungus in Einbroch Field [Lv:1] (ein_fild01).

Farming Method

Job/Class: High Wizard using Lord of Vermilion or Storm Gust.


Items: You may also use Wings of Storm and/or Wings of Hail on a non-wizard character. Both are obtained from the Pandora's Headgears box.

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